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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chocolate Dipped Mango Bites

So every night around 8:00 pm I make myself a "melty". What is a "melty" you may ask? Well, it is chunky peanut butter and dark chocolate chips melted together (oh so deliciously sweet and salty with little bites of peanuts). Though I never get bored with my melties I was poking around the kitchen during an 8:00 pm craving this week and decided to try something new -- dried mangoes dipped in melted dark chocolate then cooled to create a hard chocolate coating -- the mango bites turned out SO GOOD so I may be alternating between my traditional melty and this new found treat!

Dried mango, papaya, and other tropical fruits are all over Whole Foods. It's nice in the winter to be able to still taste these flavors -- I keep plastic containers of them in my pantry for easy nibbling. Be careful when buying tried fruit because some brands add sugar and other sweetners / chemicals but there are a lot of good options, that are simply fruit, dried.

So, all you have to do is melt dark chocolate in the microwave or using a double-boiler. Dip / spread the melted chocolate on the dried fruit (I did it 1/2 way up because I thought it looked pretty!) then set the pieces on parchment paper to dry! YUM.

*Sister Anna you could make this with vegan chocolate


  1. I am officially addicted to Whole Foods' dried mango slices! You're right about the ones with additives---they're just yucky---but Whole Foods has their own 365 brand now that's nuthin' but mango. I buy two bags every week when I shop, and they're extra wonderful for two reasons: I don't feel guilty for eating dried fruit in the evenings, and NO ONE else in the house likes them, so they're MINE. ALL MINE! :)

  2. Hi Monica!
    Arn't they just the best!? I'm so glad you found Two Blue Lemons - we hope you enjoy it!
    Happy cooking & eating!


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