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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

gnocchi (ñ-oh!-key)

This took 10 minutes, tops.

I love living in Cambridge. Being able to walk to coffee and paper in the morning makes me giddy. I could spend hours poking around the small markets that are filled with all sorts of amazing things I want to gobble up. This afternoon Bridgit and I took a stroll to Formaggio Kitchen on Huron in Cambridge for a little outing. Of course, going to a store called Formaggio is setting myself up for some serious torture - the store is filled with samples of amazing cheeses. It's a minor miracle that I managed to make it out alive.

Despite the cheese temptations lurking around every corner, we found this package of (eggless!) gnocchi and decided to whip up a quick lunch. Yes, we went out for coffee and a walk and came back with little potato dumplings. Go figure. Anyway, gnocchi are really quick and easy to make when you buy them this way. They look fancy even though they're fool proof and cost $3.75. These from Formaggio were great. We did not make them from scratch, but I wouldn't make pasta from scratch either. (Just trying to justify my laziness.)

We tossed our gnocchi in a quick tomato sage sauce - just some shallots, garlic, tomatoes, oregano, and fresh sage - also from Formaggio. There are about a billion things you could do with the gnocchi. They only take 2-3 minutes to cook. You know they're done when they float to the top which, for no good reason, I really enjoy watching. I'm dying to try the sweet potato gnocchi they sell at whole foods. I think I'll toss them in pesto. What doesn't taste good tossed in pesto?

More shots from Formaggio Kitchen:

An awesome, eclectic collection of beers from all over the shower curtain (globe). Anyone interested in buying a few and having a beer tasting?

Beautiful berries and... REAL raisins! Still on the vine!!

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