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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tahini Watercress Salad

Bridgit introduced me to the dressing we used in this salad and I'm completely hooked. I think I converted the Waldmans last night, too. The dressing is by Annie's Organics and it's tahini-based. It's so creamy I had to check the ingredient list a few times to confirm that it is indeed vegan.

It's mostly tahini, lemon juice, vinegar, and herbs. It was $4.99 at Cronig's (so probably $1.99 off-island) but worth every penny. The spicy watercress was great with it but I think you could put this on pretty much anything and come out with something yummy.

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  1. Found your blog today through a link from the foodie farmgirl. You're great!

    I just have to completely agree about this salad dressing. It's my favorite ever--my husband isn't crazy about it, but omg I can't get enough of the delicious tanginess :-)

    And fyi I think it costs $2-something for us, here in virginia.


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