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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring Nibble: Smoked Salmon Toasts

Every month or so I get a serious craving for smoked salmon - and yes I know that salmon is a fish which does not make it a part of a vegetarian diet but I love seafood and eat it whenever I feel like it!

I whipped this up for lunch the other day when the April craving hit. These little salmon toasts are perfect for lunch (or breakfast, brunch, dinner, snack...) on a warm day when you don't want to be inside near the stove.

Smoked Salmon Toasts:
Toasted whole grain bread
A few slices of smoked wild salmon
Creamy herb spread (recipe below)
Thinly sliced red onion
Mache (huh? fun information below...)
Lemon wedge for squirting
Black pepper

Creamy herb spread:
1 cup greek yogurt (plain) *if you'd rather you can use sour cream, cream cheese, etc.
Juice 1 lemon
Fresh cilantro, chives, dill, parsley (one big tear each or whatever fresh herbs you have)
Salt & pepper
*Mix everything together!

Cover the toast with the spread, lay on the salmon, onion and dill. Grind over some pepper then top with mache (squirt on more lemon if you'd like!).

What is Mache?
Last week, my mom brought over a container of mache which looks like tiny lilly pads of lettuce. I had never seen or eaten it before so I did a little research to figure out what it is all about. I guess it's the new "it green" (and has been cultivated in France since the 17th century) - here is an interesting NPR article about it.

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