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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sun Tea

This isn't a recipe or any brilliant insight...just a friendly reminder to make some sun tea this weekend. This beautiful weather and ample sunshine is begging for it - and it is really fun to watch the water turn from pale to vibrant pink, black, or green, depending on what type of tea you're "brewing". This morning before leaving for work, I left a pitcher on our porch, filled with every leftover herbal tea bag I could find in our pantry (peach, nectarine, raspberry, and black cherry...).

Find a nice jug, put 4-5 tea bags inside and fill to the brim with water. Place in a sunny spot for a few hours as the rays do their magic. When the tea is bright and happy, mix in some honey, lemon, or any other flavoring you like in your tea (if you're making a chai maybe some vanilla or milk?) and pour over ice...enjoy!

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