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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tostones - Baked Plantain Chips

I bought two Caribbean-inspired goodies at Harvest today: a green plantain and yuca. The former led to these incredibly delicious, easy, impressive, and innocuous "Tostones." The latter (the yuca) lead to a near death experience. Even after being warned by a living, breathing, native Caribbean that raw yuca is poisonous, I, in my infinite wisdom, decided it would be a good idea to taste it so I knew how to season it. One call to the Poison Control Hotline later, we confirmed that the amount of cyanide I ingested wasn't enough to kill me. I still threw out the yuca in a fit of spite/fear.

Back to the deliciously addictive baked vegan "tostones." These crispy plantain chips are sometimes called "patacones" and are traditionally fried... twice. The double frying would have surprised me if Sarah and I hadn't stumbled upon Puerto Rican Cookery in the cookbook section of the West Tisbury public library last weekend. After leafing through scores of recipes for early heart disease, the only things that looked appetizing and vaguely nutritious were a handful of plantain recipes (and the entire chapter dedicated to rum cocktails).

These tostones are baked instead of fried... let alone fried twice! I used coconut oil which has a mild taste and high cooking temperature. I can't begin to describe how delicious they were! And easy. We ate them straight out of the oven but they are fantastic for dipping in guacamole. And since it snowed in Cambridge today, moving to Puerto Rico and eating tostones all day is sounding more appealing by the minute.

2 green (unripe) plantains
Coconut oil (You could substitute canola oil or olive oil)

Preparation1. Preheat the oven to 450.
2. Carefully peel the plantains. Slit the skin with the edge of your knife, being careful not to cut into the plantain.
3. Slice the plantains on the bias and toss in enough coconut oil to cover.

4. Lay the plantain slices on a cooking sheet and sprinkle liberally with salt.
5. Bake until golden brown on one side, about 10 minutes. Flip the plantain slices and bake until both sides are golden.


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  2. These, as almost everything I see here sound about giving those with Type II Diabetes a few recipes to try....maybe something low-carb or something (besides those wonderful Blue Agave Mojitos) that use a sugar alternative? I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated, (not that you aren't already.....).


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