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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

17 Keys to Healthy Cooking

Last Sunday, during my first weekend of integrative nutrition, we were given a little cooking demo accompanied by these 17 Keys to Healthy Cooking. Most of these tips are pretty simple but helpful nonetheless!

17 Keys to Healthy Cooking:
1. Commercial produce is okay (don't beat yourself up if you eat/buy commercial produce, it's better then none at all!)

2. Canned and frozen foods are okay (they're easy & convenient! especially if things are out of season)

3. Organic is much better (when you can, buy organic)

4. Local is even better (when you can, buy local)

5. Fresh is best

6. Use a timer (sometimes a recipe looks involved but it's really just the long cooking time - do some prep, assemble, and pop in the oven - set a timer for when it's done!)

7. Keep it simple

8. Cook once/Eat twice (when you cook a homemade meal, make a lot of it for leftovers. Don't cook twice and eat once!)

9. Vary cooking styles (saute, boil, roast, stir fry, juice...)

10. Vary flavorings/condiments (try new spices, sauces, etc.)

11. Experiment!

12. Mistakes are okay (first time okay, second time good, third time perfect)

13. Ask other for help (bring your kids, husband/wife, partner, friends in the kitchen and have them help you)

14. Don't eat foods you don't like (this is my favorite tip! So obvious but so smart.)

15. Understand the ways you enjoy eating (do you like to eat at the dining room table with candles and china, or in at the kitchen table, alone, with music on?)

16. Know your customer (when cooking for others think about what they like and how they like to eat it)

17. Skip self criticism


  1. Wonderful tips! Found your blog through your comment on healthy eating on Design Mom. Everything looks delicious.

  2. I would add one more: "cook" - because eating out makes you fat, or fatter. So many people don't cook at all thinking it is complicated. Not at all.

    Greetings from Poland Sarah!


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