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Monday, September 12, 2011

Ask Sarah!

I love asking friends for advice about everything from places to visit to bargain shopping and baby (oop toddler!) 101. So I'd love to help you with your healthy cooking and general wellness curiosities. Every Monday I'll be posting an "Ask Sarah" question submitted by a reader with my take on it. Sounds fun right?!

Step up and ask away ( I can't wait to hear from you!


  1. Sarah- I love your blog and congrats on your new venture! I just sent some friends to your blog (we workout/run together and are all trying to stick to clean eating)- it's such an awesome resource for veg recipes. My question for you is about meal planning. Do you meal plan for the week and if so, how? Do you feed your baby the same meal? My daughter is moving to table foods quickly and I'm trying to get my bearings in terms of how to best feed her and us. I made a lentil soup the other night that we all loved- but I am sort of out of ideas now! Any planning and family meal tips you could share would be much appreciated! Also, any finger food ideas? Thanks so much. I look forward to all of your great health information and recipes! Rachel (Killeen) Varn

  2. Thanks Rachel! What a great question! I'd love to share some suggestions. I'll pull my thoughts together and post something as soon as possible. Thanks again for checking in and sharing the site. Rory is SO SWEET! She looks just like you!

  3. Hi Sarah! I think this is just great that you are helping out with and "Ask Sarah" feature. I was wondering what do you think about dry brushing? I am worried I'm gonna scratch my skin all up. (I have rather dry skin.) Am I just being ridiculous? Should I get on the band wagon?

  4. Hi Sam,
    Great question! I'd love to share my thought on dry brushing. I'll pull some thoughts together.
    Thanks for asking and enjoy the weekend!
    Happy eating,


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