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Monday, November 28, 2011

A Visit to Stone Barns (Boy Meets Tractor)

On Friday, we waddled our stuffed bellies up to Stone Barns to walk the boys (furry and non-furry) around, eat a farm fresh lunch, and visit the animals. Stone Barns is known for its world class farm to table restaurant Blue Hill but we...errr our wallets...prefer the cheaper but still delicious Blue Hill Cafe. I ate a mixed bean salad with roasted carrots and jalapenos and a white and purple cauliflower quinoa salad. They also had homemade bologna with mustard and pickled vegetables, squash soup, onion potato bread, and vegetable quiche. Yes, I'd like to have lunch here everyday.

Was anyone lucky enough to eat one of their Broad Breasted White Turkeys or Bourbon Red Turkeys on Thursday?

Stone Barns operates an 80-acre four-season farm and works to:
  • Increase public awareness of healthy, seasonal and sustainable food.
  • Train farmers in resilient, restorative farming techniques.
  • Educate children about the sources of their food, and prepare them to steward the land that provides it.
I think I can get behind that.

As you can see, Dylan was pretty psyched to find himself a lone tractor. What is it with boys and farm vehicles? The farm has a beautiful group of Angus Cattle. The funny thing is that a solo donkey roams with them. We overheard that the donkey is there to keep the cattle company! He must be a real social butterfly.

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