Thursday, December 15, 2011

12 Days of Foodie Gifts

 1. The Family Meal: Home cooking with Ferran Adria.  
In the words of Amazon: The Family Meal is the first home cooking cookbook by the world's greatest chef, Ferran Adria. It features nearly 100 delicious recipes by Ferran Adria that anyone can prepare, inspired by the dishes eaten every day by the staff at his legendary restaurant El Bulli, awarded World's Best Restaurant five times.

2. A Community Supported Agriculture Share
I especially love gifts that trickle through the year. They are a great reminder of the love and support from the gift-giver.

3. Vitamix Blender
Because they kick ass and are pricey. And haven't you always wanted to test out the avocado pit claim?

4. Bamboo Skewer Knife Holder 
My super cool husband made me one of my very own so get crafty. I never loved a knife holder like I love this one.

5. Potted Herbs
Simple, thoughtful, and useful in the kitchen.

6. 18 Year Vinegar
A decadent and fun thing to have in the cabinet.

7. Microplane
My favorite tool.

 8. Maple Syrup & Pancakes for Breakfast 
Because my mom has given this gift before and it's so cute!

9. Plenty
Beautiful and delicious. My go to book for hearty vegetarian food.

10. Pretty Apron
Embrace your inner housewife!

11. Spice Collection
Go to your favorite Indian grocer and create a beautiful spice collection.

12. Stoneware Farmers Market Baskets
So clever and cute.


  1. Nice list! I am OBSESSED with my vitamix, best purchase so far!! Xoxo

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