Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Baked Apple & Banana Chips

We're getting ready to head off to Asheville and my plan to keep Dylan occupied on the plane involves endless bags of snacks and free rein of my iPhone - yup, all yours buddy. You want to watch that excavator video again? Sure thing.

Finding healthy, affordable, and portable snacks for kids is a challenge. There are lots of cute shaped crackers and colorful goo but few wholesome and filling choices. These baked fruit chips couldn't be easier and are endlessly adaptable. I'm already planning a mango version - yum.

Baked Apple & Banana Chips
1 banana, sliced thin
1 apple, sliced thin
juice of 1 lemon

Simple - toss sliced fruit with lemon juice (to avoid discoloring) and place on a baking rack. Bake low and slow, at 200 F, for 2 hours. I suggest either using a nonstick rack or spraying it with some oil to avoid frustration.

My only concern is that our chips are not going to make it to take-off. I'm pretty sure my little friend is planning on bringing the last bag on a bike ride he just informed me of by way of walking into the kitchen with his helmet strapped we go!


  1. I'm curious if they did make it to take-off... we have a road trip to a wedding coming up at the beginning of June (because we're crazy) and a flight to South Carolina come mid-June (because we didn't think one trip in one month was nearly enough). These look brilliant. -Vanessa & Lily

  2. Looks easy and really nice for snack at work. I'm going to try this. Thanks.

  3. Deniz - great idea! I hope they provide a happy work break.

  4. Sarah, I'm having a tough time with these. I cooked the apples, just like you said, with lemon juice at 200°F. At 3 hours, only a few peices were crispy. The rest were gooey. Then today I did the banana slices and cooked them for 4.5 hours at 200°F. I didn't use lemon juice this time. They ALL turned out gummy. What am I doing wrong? Please help??
    PS. I used the cooling racks to bake the slices. The coolig racks were placed on top of cookie sheets in the oven.

  5. Oh no, how frustrating!

    I should first say both my apple and banana chips did have a chew in the center but were overall crisp. They were not as hard and crisp as a packaged banana chip but I was happy with how they came out.

    My first instinct is how thing have you sliced them? I'd say go thinner if you can and/or increase the oven to 250? I'm sorry I can't give you an exact answer. Best of luck and I appreciate your efforts!


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