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Monday, March 25, 2013

Pear Lemon Ginger Juice

I'm at that awkward stage of pregnancy where people stare at your stomach looking puzzled, regular clothes are tight but maternity clothes are big, and dreaming about the nursery is fun but also a long way (and a big move) off. Hey, it's kinda like spring around here. A far away, dreamy idea, that seems like it's never going to start full swing. I know in just a few weeks from now I'll feel very pregnant and be wearing a t-shirt but right now I'm in a chubby snowy limbo.

We did manage to dye a few festive Easter eggs yesterday and I made myself a delicious glass of Pear Lemon Ginger Juice. I've been craving tart and fresh flavors so this was perfect.

Pear Lemon Ginger Juice
serves 1

2 pears - I used Bartlett
1 lemon
1 inch fresh ginger root

So simple - just juice everything and pour it into a cup!

We ate our weight in scrambled eggs Sunday morning. My mom has always blown out the whites and yolks from eggs for dyeing so I'm following in her footsteps. They are fragile but so light and pretty. We only managed to smash one which I think is pretty good.


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