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Friday, November 15, 2013

3 Twists on PB&J

These past few months have made me realize I'm actually a grown-up. Things like pre-school parent conferences (what!?), homeowner emergencies, and spending an unmentionable amount of time researching the best child's snow boots are real things to me. Oh and we started trick-or-treating at 5 pm - wild I know. Yes Halloween is so last month but we had a ball. I think it was the best night of Dylan's life. Nick surprised him and made an epic racecar costume.

You know you're trick-or-treating on Martha's Vineyard when a skunk is walking down the sidewalk with all the kids - true story.

The past few months have also included loads of exciting recipe tests for the book. It's ironic because my kitchen is in full gear churning out delicious treats but they're all top secret. I can't wait to share them with you!! But we do still eat lunch and I've been playing around with twists on PB&J - here are three we like.

Three Twists on PB&J

Sandwich 1:
Apple butter
Almond butter
Crisp apple slices

Sandwich 2:
Sunflower seed butter
Banana slices

Sandwich 3:
Peanut butter
Carrot ribbons

Oh and there's this delicious guy...


  1. Nothing beats PB&J! Will have to try those combos. What a cute little guy you have!

  2. Cuties. Funny, I thought those bananas were cucumbers for a second there, but I trust your taste and I was actually trying to convince myself that it could work!


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